Why Look to Africa

The Africa -India  partnership is set for a major makeover as both sides seek economic self-reliance to insulate their respective economies from recent economic shocks.

India’s reforms process resonates with Africa’s aspirations of accelerating its infrastructure development, manufacturing growth, farm sector modernization, services sector expansion, digital transformation and reliable healthcare services to build self-sufficiency. 

With a large young population and huge potential for development, Africa is very similar to India and is at a critical point in its growth trajectory.  To rewrite its own growth story in the next decade, Both Africa and India must be mindful of critical challenges like climate change, food insecurity and the disruptions caused by new technology. To promote its development interests, Africa and  India must overhaul its approach to economic diplomacy. 

It must move beyond government-to-government negotiations and agreements to include more plural and diverse stakeholders, such as representatives from the private sector, academia, philanthropic institutions and civil society, most of whom will be operating in distant locations. 

Economic diplomacy necessitates a collective effort beyond the government that will place brand India at the center of all diplomatic relations. India and Africa are natural allies due to their shared cultural and historic ties.


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