"I am happy that young entrepreneurs like you have brought together India and these West African countries on one platform for techno-economic cooperation with long term impact on Indo-African ties in all spheres of life."
Bharat Ratna Shri. Atal Bihari Vajpayee
Former Prime Minister of India
"I am firmly of the view that our efforts to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals by 2030 or tackle issues such as vaccine inequity, climate crisis, gender inequality or economic recovery are only possible through strong partnerships. Our solutions for this planet rests in our joining hands together."
Dr. Abdulla Shahid
President, United Nations General Assembly
"Firstly, let me thank you for your support to the Ministry of External Affairs, especially in setting up the Techno Economic Approach for Africa India Movement (TEAM 9), which became the fulcrum of India's engagement with not Just West Africa but, subsequently, with all of Africa."
Shri T.S Tirumurti
Secretary (Economic Affairs), Ministry of External Affairs, India
"I wish to inform you that following the adoption of the Executive Council Decision in February 2020 that welcomed the establishment of an Africa India Business Centre in Mumbai, India.’ ‘We appreciate the support extended by the Ministry to AIEF in promoting MSMEs of Africa and India."
Amb Abdoulaye Diop
Chief Of Staff, African Union Commission
"India stands ready to work with African union and Africa India Economic Foundation to build a strong relationship between the business communities especially the Private Sector and MSMEs"
Amb T.S Tirumurti
Secretary (Economic Affairs), Ministry of External Affairs, India
"The launch of this collaborative effort between the United States, India, and Africa embodies the partnership we need to overcome the challenges imposed on us by the COVID-19 pandemic."
Senator Kevin Thomas
New York State Senator, United States of America
"The Government of Sierra Leone welcomes the formation of the Africa India Business Centre in Mumbai, India.’ ‘This initiative, will certainly enable our SMEs to interact with the SMEs and the business houses of India and bring in the expertise and technologies which would contribute to the Industrial and economic development of our country.’ ‘We are pleased to be part of the Africa India Economic Foundation and wish you every success in your mission."
Dr.Mohamed Juldeh Jalloh (PhD.)
Vice President, Sierra Leone
“We strongly are of the opinion that, we together can develop a networking platform between the private sectors and SMES of America, Africa and India for business-to-business interactions, to enable more successful partnerships and to promote cross-border and international business synergies.”
Mr. Elisha Pulivarti
President/CEO, U.S. India SME Council, Washington DC, USA
“I am writing to welcome the initiative of Africa-India Economic Foundation (AIEF) developed in consultation with the African and Indian business community, to set up an Africa India Business Centre (AIBC) in Mumbai, for furthering India Africa partnership.”
Mr. Macky Sall
President of Senegal, Chairperson of African Union
“ON THE PROJECT FOR THE ESTABLISHMENT OF AN AFRICA -INDIA BUSINESS CENTRE IN INDIA ENCOURAGES the African and Indian Private Sectors to work together to achieve the objectives of the Africa-India Partnership and WELCOMES the initiative for the establishment of an Africa-India Business Centre in Mumbai, India”
AU Summit Decision
“ I have a strong feeling that the setting up of the Africa India Business Centre (AIBC) in Mumbai will foster business engagements between the business communities of Africa, India and America to access and promote their respective markets.”
Amb Abdoulaye Diop
Foreign Minister, Republic Of Mali