Africa India Business Center

Africa India Economic foundation has envisioned to establish up the Africa India Business Centre Complex, an exclusive iconic complex, strategically located in the commercial capital of India – Mumbai.

The Business Centre will promote and strengthen the Business cooperation between the public and private sectors, primarily the MSMEs in India and Africa.

The Business Centre will be a platform designed for the business communities in Africa and India to access the African markets. It will be a gateway to promote African businesses in India.

The Business Centre will be a state-of-the-art multi-storey complex in Mumbai, with each floor dedicated to each African country. This exclusive multi-storeyed complex will accommodate trade representatives, chambers of commerce and Associations of Industries etc, of Africa for seamless and reliable business interface for Indian entrepreneurs and enterprises.

“ Imagine the presence of 55 countries in one complex in Mumbai, which is only focused on business and cultural exchange, that is 25% of all countries in the world ”

The Business Centre will have all amenities, to promote business and cultural exchange, such as conference centres, auditoriums, convention halls, meeting rooms, museum, art gallery, library, cultural centres, food court and shopping arcade to achieve a sustainable perpetual growth model.

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